Cute Simple Birthday Cake Ideas

Great news! The days of spending hours and hours on complex cake decorating are over.  Simple is IN!  Here are some tips for keeping your birthday cakes simple to make and still cute as can be.

Tip #1 – Use simple cake pans

No need buy specific shaped pans anymore.  Use what you have!

For Addie’s first birthday, we used small, round, glass bowls to make this cake.  So cute.

Tip #2 – Keep it simple with icing colors 

Sometimes all a cake needs is just one or two colors.

  Tip #3 – Keep it simple with decorating

Simple dots and lines are way cute and don’t take too much skill or practice.  Just keep your pressure even and steady, and you’ll be fine!

In making the cake below, I didn’t even use any cake decorating supplies!  I just put the frosting in a baggie, and cut off the corner. 

I love this idea I got from Cali – use scrapbook paper to cut out a number, then try to match your frosting to the paper.  Then tape your number to a toothpick and stick it in the cake.

  One other quick tip:

-Take advantage of your local bakery.  Tell them what size of a cake you are making, and you can buy the cardboard to put under it for less than $1.  This time I even got a little case to put it in for only a few dollars!

Enjoy the hours you save on your next birthday cake by using these ideas to keep it simple!

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