Vented Trampoline Pad

We have been working on our yard since we moved into our house over 2 years ago.  We still aren’t done, but we’ve made huge progress!  We started with a great landscape design.

One of our favorite parts of our yard is our trampoline.  We decided to put it in the ground, which we love.  However, we were disappointed when we got it all installed and learned that the trampoline pad flaps and slaps the whole time you jump.  We didn’t worry about it much until we noticed that the pad was quickly being worn out.  Soon, we had more holes in the pad than we could duct tape closed.

Once we started shopping, we started looking for a better solution than the usual trampoline pad.  I’m so  happy that we found  It is exactly what I was looking for.  I didn’t even know about vented trampoline pads, but the idea is brilliant.

This vented trampoline pad is amazing.  It is made for trampolines that are installed under ground.  They are easy to connect to the frame and springs with simple ties instead of having to go around your outside frame that is mostly in the ground.  There are holes along the pad that let the air out from under the trampoline when you jump – so no more flapping and slapping!  I also love the look of these vented pads.  Very nice and classy.

These vented pads cost more than the regular trampoline pads, but I’m convinced it will be worth the investment.  It is sure to last way longer.

Last night the wind was blowing like crazy. (It even blew over my neighbor’s swing set!)  My old trampoline pad would flap with the wind, continuing to wear it out.  I was so happy last night that my new vented trampoline pad wasn’t moving an inch in all the wind.  Awesome!

For more information visit  Tell Sam that you learned about vented trampoline pads from Bits of Everything!

4 Replies to “Vented Trampoline Pad”

  1. How’s the pad holding up? I’m tempted to buy one but they’re so expensive compared to other pads. We’re sinking our trampoline this weekend!

    1. It is holding up great! The only signs of wear is in the color (maybe it’s just dirty?) No rips or holes. I still love it and would buy it again in a heartbeat. It’s worth the money!

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  3. Did you notice any difference in the way it bounces? I have always hated the bounce on in-ground trampolines I am assuming because of poor venting. Did you notice any difference between the old pad and the new pad in terms of the bounce?

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