Journals for Kids

Last week my three year old was saying the prayer on lunch, when he randomly added, “and please bless the mail, all the way to the mailbox.”  Ha ha.  I always get a kick out of the funny things he says.  I always think I should write things like that down, but I never do.  Why?  I don’t know where to write them.  Well, now I have finally figured it out.

My friend Lisa gave me this idea.  She said that each time she has a new baby, her grandmother gives her a new journal.  *This is a great gift idea!*

So Lisa has a journal for each one of her kids and she writes in them… about their birth, things they say and do, things they like and don’t like, etc.  Now some of her older children have started to draw pictures and write in them too.  I love this idea!

I decided to get cute notebooks for my boys’ journals.  (There is something about a cute notebook – it’s like I am twice as likely to write in it if I think it’s cute.)  *Back to school time is a great time to find cute, cheap notebooks!*

So yesterday when my three year old said the prayer and added, “Please bless Grandma and Grandpa on their mission, and help them to go fishing soon.” I smiled because now I have a place to write it down so we can all remember it.

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