Sports Wall Display

Okay, in case you missed it or didn’t take the time to click over to The Ribbon Retreat blog when we were featured, here is a tutorial on how I put together this Sports Wall Display.  My son absolutely loves it in his room!  We had a stack of sports pictures just collecting dust and I wanted to get them out and enjoy them.  While my sister, Ashlee, was here, she helped me come up with this idea.

Here is what you will need:
#1.  Clothespins
#2.  Spray paint (optional)
#3.  Rope 
#4.  Screw Hooks
The first step is completely optional.  I wanted a pop of bright green for my son’s room, so I got some bright green spray paint and let him paint the clothespins.  He thought that that was awesome!

Next, we measured out where we wanted the hooks to go.  I wanted at least two rows so that we can add more pictures as they come.  We measured 16 inches down from the ceiling and then 16 more inches for the 2nd row. 
Then my husband helped me to tape the end of the rope in a loop that we put around the screw hooks.
 Hang the rope and then clothespin the pictures where ever you want!

 Here are a couple more views.

 Seriously, I know he’s mine, but isn’t he cute?  
He’s a lot older now and I miss having him little.
 Go ahead and try it!  You’ll be glad you did!

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