Book Review: Deliberate Motherhood

I am starting a new phase in my life.  My youngest child has started 1st grade.  I am now home alone.  All day.  I have looked forward to this day for a while, but now that it is here I’m learning I need to adjust.  Yes, I’m free as a bird, but I am alone and the house is too quiet.  My grandpa always says that “All life is, is a series of adjustments.”  So, I’m adjusting.  Now having more time on my hands, I’ve considered getting a job.   But after some thought,  I decided that my “job” right now is my kids.  I’ve always done the required things that moms do, but now I have time to be a better (and more fun!) mom.

Well, this new book landed on my porch at the perfect time.  Deliberate Motherhood is the pep talk I needed to become a better mom.   I love that each chapter has something new to focus on.  The 12 Powers: Acceptance, Love, Patience, Individuality, Intention, Progress, Balance, Organization, Fun, Optimism, and Moments.  My favorite chapter today is the one about Individuality.  It is full of suggestions of how to still be true to who you are while being a good wife and mother at the same time.  Such good ideas!  The fun part is that on another day, I know a different chapter will be my favorite.  Deliberate Motherhood is full of good ideas no matter what you are trying to accomplish with your family.

The authors of Deliberate Motherhood are all a part of Power of Moms.  Power of Moms is a great place for moms to come together to collaborate, help, and support one another.  I was lucky enough to attend a Power of Moms mini retreat a while ago.  It was so fun to be a part of a group that focuses on strengthening one another.  Simply Amazing.

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*I received a copy of Deliberate Motherhood to review, but all opinions are my own.

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