General Conference Printables

Here’s another fun idea for entertaining the kids during General Conference!  Download the following coloring page and turn it into a matching game.
For the matching game: print two copies on card stock and cut on the dotted lines.
We like to encourage our children to listen by bribing them with treats.  For example: each time they hear a song, or each time they can name the speaker, they get a treat.  We especially encourage our children to sit and listen to President Monson’s talks, and reward them with treats afterwards.  🙂
Here are some other General Conference printables from our friends:
How do you keep your kids involved and reverent during General Conference?  Please comment and share your ideas with us!

14 Replies to “General Conference Printables”

  1. Great ideas! It was fun seeing you and catching up! One thing we love/look forward to every conference is a yummy breakfast with sticky buns and hot cocoa. We eat while the choir does the Music and the Spoken work. I hope you have a wonderful Conference Weekend!

  2. Thanks for these! My 4 teenage daughters still expect to find bingo cards waiting for them on conference morning. :/ I love that there’s a different card for each of them.

  3. Thank you for the BINGO and the links to the other items. I’ve got enough stuff for all my kids, from ages 2 to 14.

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