Allergy Season Survival Tips – Kleenex

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We have 2 allergy sufferers at our house.  My husband and my son.  Most of their allergies are plants, animals, and molds.  There is always something in the air that is bugging them, but spring and fall are the worst for them.  Here are a few tips that might help you with your allergy season.

1 – Kleenex — Lots of Kleenex.  I’ve counted 7 boxes of Kleenex that we have open around my house. You never know when you will need one, so we like to keep them handy.  We also like to have a box in the car.  Kleenex tissues are just as important as toilet paper at our house.  🙂  (See Coupon at the bottom of post!)

I found these cute Halloween Kleenex Tissues at Target.  Love them.  Target also has the Kleenex facial tissues, the Kleenex Pocket Packs, and more.

2 – Be prepared.  I have a bag of allergy related items that I take with me every time we go somewhere, especially over night.  This way you will always have medications and supplies on hand and not have to run to the store when you need it right now!  (We’ve had to do this several times – always when we are out of town.)

3 – Wash sheets often.  Keeping allergens out of your bed will help you sleep so much better.

4 – Change pillow cases every night.  You don’t realize what blows into your hair, gets onto your pillow, and then irritates you all night.  I just bought 8 pillowcases so that we could easily change them nightly without it being a huge pain.

5 – Shower off before bed.  Rinse off all the things you may have come in contact with throughout the day.

6 – Keep windows closed.  A fall night breeze feels so good sometimes, but what is coming into the house with the breeze?  Things we are mostly likely allergic to.

7 – Sinus Rinse.  On the days your nose is super stuffed, do a sinus rinse.  It gives some relief from the congestion.

8 – Quarantine “contaminated” clothes.  Leave allergen covered clothes (grass, hay, weeds, etc…) in the laundry or mud room.  No need to take all those pollens to your bedrooms and closets.

9 – Change furnace filter often.  Keep your air clean.

10 – Go see an Allergist.  It was so helpful to have my son tested to see what he was actually allergic to.  His two biggest reactors were horses and weeds (the type that were growing in our backyard!)  We enjoy riding horses at grandma’s house, but knowing that was a big one for Kyler, we took extra precautions when we went there.  With the weeds – we found other chores Kyler could help with so we could avoid contact with the weeds.

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Good luck surviving your allergy season!

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