The Power of a Clicker

I’m officially a clicker.  I’ve wanted to be a clicker for a while now, but now I finally have a cute yellow clicker to use.

This idea of “clicking” came from Hilary Weeks.  I have heard her speak about “clicking” several times this year.  It’s something that you can not hear too many times.  “Clicking” is counting (with a clicker) your positive, uplifting, optimistic, encouraging, and motivating thoughts.  You can read more at
When I first hear Hilary speak, I wrote down a quote.  It has become one of my favorites.  I’ll never forget it.
The days that I actually wear the clicker on my wrist, it is a constant reminder for me to be positive.  Those days always go better.  Who knew that a clicker could be so powerful?
I’m so excited to get my family clicking with me.  This month we are clicking all of the things we are thankful for.  Write it, then click it.  Simple.  I love the idea of working together to get a higher number.
Are you thinking about stocking stuffers yet?  These clickers would be perfect!  I’m thinking this would be great for my mom and my mother in law.


Here is a great deal for you to get started with your own clicker.
Buy a Clicker Kit, get a Clicker free.
The Details: 
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For more positive thoughts, check out my Pinterest Board.  Get Clicking!

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