Project Life – Quilting Version

A month or two ago I finally finished a quilt that I made with the purpose of donating it.  When it came time to hand it over, I was hesitant.  I worked hard on it!  I loved it and wanted to remember it.  This sparked an idea for me.  I need to make a book of quilts and things I make so that I can always remember them, especially the ones that I give away.  Enter –>  PROJECT LIFE!  (Why did it take so long for me to think of this?)

Holly Project Life

I have used project life in the paper form, then the digital form, and now my favorite is the Project Life App.  Everything I need is in my hand.  Super easy.  My new goal is to have an album dedicated to my quilts and other projects that I make.  This way, I will always remember them and love them, but still be able to give some away.  I’ve got a good start.  Here are my first four pages, which were all given to others!  Don’t worry, I have tons of quilts I have kept, those scrapbook pages are coming next.

Natalie's Baby QuiltGrandpa Anderson's SheepBig Block Quilt Mini Dwell Pillow

My prints, album, and plastics have all been ordered and I can’t wait to have them in a book.  I know I will enjoy seeing all my projects in one place, but I also hope this will remind my kids of my love for making things and giving to others.

10 Replies to “Project Life – Quilting Version”

  1. I have this same idea!..I have started writing them out on paper and have taken pictures, have to get them together one day….How beautiful this book will be for those loved ones to remember you by. great share for all to read!

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