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BYU Quilt Tutorial

My niece recently graduated from High School and is headed to College soon.  I still can’t believe it!  I wanted to give her a graduation gift, so here’s what I came up with.

The BYU Idaho Quilt
Size:  55 X 70
Fabric needed:
3/4 yard of 6 different fabrics
1/2 yard of blue for letter backgrounds
1/2 yard of white for letters
Backing, Binding, and Batting
I started with my letters.  I used the patterns from Spell it with Moda.  It was a little tricky for me to find all the letters until I learned this trick.  Copy this link:  in your browser and change the letter to the next letter you need.  After I made a letter or two, I realized they were going to be too big for the width that I wanted the quilt to be.  So I started over and did the math to make all my letter blocks at 3/4 size of the pattern.  (It’s not that bad of math, I promise!). After resizing my letter blocks they were 10.5 inches tall.
I did put one little spacer piece in-between the BYU and the IDAHO.  That piece measured 3.5 X 10.5.
I then made all my other rows 10.5 inches to match.  7 rows – each 10 inches finished = 70 inches tall.  **I wish I would have taken a little more time to match up my printed fabrics when I pieced the rows.
I used all flannel fabrics for 100% of this quilt.  I also used 2 layers of batting to make it a little warmer.  The backing is the cute gingham print (that I also used as a row on the front.)
I quilted it myself on my standard machine.  I quilted straight lines about 2 inches apart. On the row with the letters, I quilted along the letters.  Kind of annoying and it takes longer, but I love how it turned out!

Gingham Blocks Quilt

I’ve had this bundle of Cotton and Steel Ginghams on my shelf for a while now.  I finally decided what would be the perfect quilt to make with it.  The pattern I chose was Lunden’s Charity Block designed by Erin Jensen (@mommy2lu on instagram).

First, I found solids that matched my ginghams.  

This is such a fun block to make.  I just randomized my colors so that all the blocks are different.  I ended up making 20 blocks.

I had so much fun using my leftover fabric to make this fun backing!
Check out this amazing quilting done by my friend Kaylene Parry.

Trying to take a picture on a windy day is tricky!  Luckily, you can still see how amazing this quilt turned out.  It is my new favorite.


Quilt Group Project – Row Quilt

I love being a part of a quilt group.  Getting together with friends that share my interest in quilting is so much fun!  My quilt group has done several different projects together, but this one will probably always be my favorite.  All my friends helped make a row quilt.  There are 12 people in our quilt group.  This process took ONE YEAR to complete.  Let me explain.

First, I chose the fabric/color scheme for my quilt and made a row of the desired width I wanted.  I put all my fabric and instructions in a box or bag and labeled it with my name and phone number (in case anyone had a question).

In our box we added instructions about what we wanted.  Examples:  Only use my fabric provided.  Add your own fabric to my quilt.  No applique.  Please use only pastels.  No rows bigger than 12 inches tall.  etc.

These are my blocks that I put together in one long row to start my quilt.

At quilt group each month we would rotate the boxes and make a row for someone else’s quilt.  At the end of the year, we had 12 rows made by 12 different people.

I brought all my rows home and added the navy sashing and I have a beautiful quilt with a lot of memories built in.