Fun hair ideas for little girls!

First of all….I am sorry to all of our readers with only little boys.
This post maybe not be totally helpful for you, but maybe these ideas will be helpful when you are watching a neice, entertaining a neighbor, or helping a friend!
I have three daughters and we like to have FUN/CUTE hair around here!
(I have lots of hair pictures and several blackmail great “before & after” pictures, but I’ll save them for another time!)
These were pretty easy, but oh so very fancy looking!
I used the little elastics from Sally’s that aren’t supposed to break your hair. 
Her hair wasn’t super long when we did this updo, but it worked perfectly!! 
I really liked this next one too!  My youngest has super light, fine, thin hair.
I simply took 3 ponies, split them into 2, seratated those into 3, and then finishing with 2. 
This next hair style is a twist instead of a french braid.  Her hair wasn’t long enough for a pony,
but this twist helped keep the shorter pieces in. 
We took this “before & after” shot of of oldest daughter last year, but it’s a good one.
It’s soooo much easier for her to wash and dry when it is shorter!
However, we needed a high, curly pony for a dance competition. I decided to go to this site and buy one!
Sooooo much easier, faster, and fuller!  This is the “teen spiral”. 
And you gotta LOVE “cRAzY HaIr DAy!”
I totally ratted it up. Every piece!!  Everyone loved it. It was SOOO big!
If you are interested in any of the hair accessories I used in these pictures, you can go here!
(Stay tuned….they will be offering a give-a-way soon!)

5 Replies to “Fun hair ideas for little girls!”

  1. Emily- I love doing these type of hair styles to Kierra! Ever since she had hair to handle and play with I have done them. For the Daddy/daughter Ball we did a really cute one too. But for her beauty pageant she was in two years ago I did something like your first photo and added pearl beads to the hair pins and stuck them in too. I can’t wait for the baby to get more hair and see what I can do with it too. LOL Thanks for sharing all your photos!

  2. Indeed, you seriously can’t post stuff like this! It makes me miss my little niece even more! 😉 Just kidding, of course. 🙂 I remember when I first found out our last was a boy and thinking that I would be so sad not having a girl to do cute hair! Oh well, boys rock too! I just give them a cute “fin” up top whenever I get the chance! 🙂 These styles are great by the way! 🙂

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