Spring Break To Do List

My kids are finally on spring break this week.  Here are a few things we have on our list to do.

1. DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland by Modern Parents Messy Kids

2.  Jelly Bean Topiary by My Garden of Eden

3. Tissue Paper Pom Poms by Martha Stewart

4. Hop the Movie
5.  Cadbury Egg Cookies by Our Best Bites
6.  Visit baby lambs at Grandpa A’s house.
7.  Kaylee’s book report.
8.  Kaylee’s school project.
9.  Put shelves together.
10.  Don’t go crazy.
Unfortunately, most of the fun things have to come AFTER #7 and #8.  Bummer.  In the craziness of moving, we have put off getting those assignments done.  Hopefully we can still have some time for all the fun items on our list.  Why do I suddenly feel so tired?  🙂
PS  Here is a peek at my shelves that I talked about last week with the printables.  I love how they turned out!

3 Replies to “Spring Break To Do List”

  1. Holly, I really like how your shelves turned out! My kids have been dying to see HOP also and I am going to make a paint chip wreath too! SO FUN!

  2. I don’t want those cadbury egg cookies…. I don’t want those cadbury egg cookies. …I don’t want those cadbury egg cookies. I’ll just keep telling myself that.

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