“The Best Books”

Mother’s Day is coming up!
Does your husband ever just come out and ask, “What should I get you for Mother’s Day?”
Mine does!  He does great with taking my suggestions and still surprising me with his thoughtfulness.
This is my Mother’s Day present from last year:
Not only did I tell him I wanted them when he asked, but I think he got the hint when I drooled over this set of books every time we went to Deseret Book.
I have absolutely LOVED this gift.
I had only read one of them before, and seen a movie or two…..
But for the rest, this is my first time discovering them.
The stories are timeless, and teach me so much.
It feels good to be reading some of “The Best Books.”
Click HERE to view the whole set on DeseretBook.com.
If you think you would enjoy it, then don’t hesitate to drop a few hints for your husband.
I don’t think you’ll regret it.
I did an earlier post about Emma,
but I’d just like to say a thing or two about a couple others real quick.
I was afraid Jane Eyre was going to be boring.
I had never heard anything about it, and it was the longest book in the set!
It took me a few chapters to get into it…. but I ended up loving it.
The story is written in first person.  She addresses me as “Reader.”
I really felt like I became her friend!
I really had a self defining moment when she had to make her big decision in the climax of the book.
Would I have made the same decision she did?

Now after reading it, I can see why it is called a “Classic.”

The Scarlet Pimpernel was another one that I knew nothing about.
I hadn’t seen the play or anything…. but again, after a few short chapters, I was hooked.
This author is amazing!  You have to keeep reading to figure it all out.
This is probably my favorite book of the whole bunch, and it is one I will read again soon.
I also think I’ll make my husband read it too!  It’s that good.
Well, I hope you get whatever you ask for for Mother’s Day this year!

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  1. Now I’m in the mood to pick up a book Ashlee. Good job. I’ll have to go to the library soon…or borrow your books! 🙂 ha ha ha!

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