Fall Favorties

The weather is getting cooler,
and with the change of seasons comes the welcoming of new decorations, and fall food!
I’ve been loving all the fall finds on Pinterest and around the blogs lately.
Here are some of my favorites!

I really love easy crafts (that I could actually do)
so this one with the Dixie Cups was such a great find for me!
Good Housekeeping

I think these Vanilla Monster Cups are so darling.. and kids would love them!
Everything from One Charming Party is beautiful, 
but I loved these easy Halloween crafts.
They have a whole Halloween section that is so darling…
Everyone loves the changing leaves, 
and I think my kids and I would love to preserve the colors with this Martha Stewart project.
Another easy but darling craft…
Last year for a preschool day with my daughter and her friends,
I compiled a bunch of Halloween food that I’d seen online!
And possibly my favorite find so far… Pumpkin Cream Cheese….
I can’t wait to make this one!
What are some of your favorite fall finds so far? 

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