Free Download: Check Off List / Ideas for Piano Teachers

Fall is here!
For most people that means the beginning of a new school year,
but for me it means starting up Piano Lessons again!
After taking the summer off, I am excited to get back into it!


Have you ever thought of teaching piano lessons?
Or are you already a teacher, and looking for some ideas?
Here are some of the things I do.


I teach my beginning students to play using the Piano Adventures books, by Nancy and Randall Faber.
(Thank you Holly for recommending them!)
Piano Adventures are great for students – and easy to teach out of.


This is what I use to write down their assignments each week:

(A special thank you to the piano teachers of my nieces and nephews for this idea!)
For the cover, I just got online and found Fall coloring pages (these came from
Then I printed the page on cardstock and cut it in half.

I created this page so that I could write down the assignments in the large boxes of the left,
and then the student can check off each day they practice it.
(There are six boxes – so they can have one day off a week.)

This page would also work well as a job chart, or a check off list for homework or reading.
Just print of the page, and cut it in half.

Other ideas for Piano Teachers:

Worksheets:  I love to throw in worksheets every once in a while to give them something different to do.  You can find a lot online or you can buy books at music stores.  Here are a few links of websites that have free worksheets that I use for my students: Susan and

Rewards: I don’t do a ton of these, but a few here and there are helpful.  When a student finishes a level book, they get a candy bar from me.  Occasionally I’ll have a bowl of chocolate kisses (or some other small treat), and they can have one for each checkmark on their assignment sheet.

Group Lessons:  I got this idea from a coworker of mine who also teaches piano lessons.  It’s perfect for me because I don’t have enough students to do a big recital, so once every few months I’ll schedule an hour and invite all of my students to come for a group lesson.  (It counts as their lesson that week.)  At the Group Lesson I have each student perform one or two songs from memory in front of the other students.  I also try to make it fun with group conversation, a game or two, and of course – each student gets to take home a prize or treat.  


Happy Piano Teaching!

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  1. Thanks for the download. My youngest student is nearly finished with her assignment book. My older students are pretty good at practicing without micromanagin. 🙂 I like the idea of a group lesson taking the place of a regular lesson but unfortunately my students all have crazy busy schedules. I also like your candy bar idea as a reward for finishing a book (those books are my favorite!). My friend, who also teaches, did a one time incentive where she gave her students a candy bar after a certain amount of practicing (I think it was ten hours). I’m thinking about doing something similar. . . .

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