I’m gearing up for the big 3-0 in a couple of months.  Because of this, I took a good long look in the mirror  and realized that I had some UGLY wrinkles by my eyes and on my forehead that haven’t been there before.  Now for all you diligent face washers out there-feel free to skip on past this one…(i.e all my cute sister in laws)  I decided that one good new years resolution, goal, or whatever you’d like to call it for me would be to wash my face every night.  And, after a month, I wanted to report to you my results!
I have a clear face!  (I know, duh, right?!)  My face feels way better and I feel like my complexion is much better too.  Here is what I’ve been using the last month or so that I really love…
First I use these easy peasy wipes! (You can call me lazy, but at least I’m doing something now, right?! I actually use the Target brand-they are cheaper and there are a lot more-but I couldn’t find a picture of them) These wipes take off mascara and a whole day of makeup. LOVE them.
Then because of the unwanted new lines by my eyes-I apply a little bit of this yummy stuff around my eyes.  It lasts a long time and seems to make the area more firm.
Last step I do is to apply this moisturizer all over my face.  It isn’t heavy and it makes my face feel way hydrated.  
We happen to know a great Mary Kay lady!  If you need anything leave a comment and we’ll get you her info.  We all use Mary Kay and love it.
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