We are so excited to announce some big changes for our blog this year! 
First of all, we have a new blog design in the works that we are all really excited about and can’t wait to see the final product and make it easier to find the content you might be looking for.
Second, we’d like to open up some ways for you to get your name out to our ever-growing number of blog readers! There are three ways that you can do that.
1. Advertise with us!  We are excited to offer advertising on our blog, starting at $10 a month for a 125×125 pixel square with the button of your creation, as well as a shout out on our blog when you are a new sponsor on our blog. 
2. Giveaway/Product Review.  We are happy to host a giveaway for you on our blog, as long as the product is generally something that our readers would be interested in, and if it is above a $25 value. We are also happy to do product reviews if you have a product you would like feedback on. 
3.  Guest posting.  We are excited to invite you to e-mail us about becoming a guest poster on our blog!  Let us know of your ideas and we will let you know of dates we have available.
Bits of Everything is growing more everyday!  We have nearly 850 followers through Goole Friend Connect and 160 Facebook Fans.  We average 3,000 visitors a day.  Last month we had over 220,000 page views!  
For more information about these options, and any others you may have questions about, please email us at

Don’t forget to enter our big GIVEAWAY!

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  1. I’m sure your new blog will be successful. You seem to have a handle on where you want to take it and you have been right to this point. I’m anxious to see your new baby. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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