Head wraps

Have you seen these cute head wraps on pinterest?
I really liked this one from Keiko Lynn.
 Well, my neighbor came over and asked me to make one for her daughter
to go with a dance costume.  She wanted it like this…
 but in LIME green!  So….I went to work and this is what I came up with.
 I think it will look better with the whole dance costume, but this is my daughter
being nice enough to model it for me!
 I think we both like the knot better than the bow.
Here is how I made it.
I went to the fabric store and bought some lime green stretchy fabric.
It came 60 inches wide and I cut an 8 inch section.
(So it was 60″ long by 8″ wide.  Does that make sense?)
 Then I turned the right sides together and made a zig zap stitch on one end
and then the whole length of the side.
 Then I turned it inside out and whip stitched the end closed.
(I know it isn’t perfect, but no one will notice when you’re wearing it, right??)
 Then you end up with a long scarf like head wrap!
Now my daughter wants one for her too!  🙂

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