17 Replies to “Knitting Loom Hats: Tips For Beginners”

  1. I found this to be VERY helpful. Thank you so much for your wonderful tips, you’ve definitely made loom knitting much easier for me. 🙂

  2. Thank You I looked all over for size charts that would give me an age for hat… I am making for children I don’t know so this really helped. I worried the red loom would be on the tight side for a 5 year old so I will use the green amd make a little shorter!!!
    Thank You so much

  3. Knitted hats are always perfect gifts for loved ones since it shows extreme effort from the giver. I always copy DIY instructions in creating personalized caps and shirts so my recipients would feel they are special because the gift doesn’t have a twin elsewhere!

  4. Just got an idea on how I could possibly customize and design some of my folders at home to make it look more exciting and inspiring. Perhaps, I could also use some knitting on the design to make more unique, I guess.

  5. Okay, coming in very late to the game here, but hopefully you can help me. My son was at a local Children’s hospital for a week after birth and I am trying to make various sizes of hats. I am working on toddler hats now. Would 20 for the brim and 20 for the top be too much? I can’t quite get it worked out so that it looks right on “toddler size.” My loom comes with instructions for the roll bottom, but I like your brim better. Thanks for any help!

  6. I’ve already started a baby’s hat without counting the number of rows, I will next time though. For now can anyone tell me how many inches the hat should be?

  7. Just started loom knitting and I have found both the videos and the pattern which you recommend to be ideal! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Using these instructions, I have completed 3 hats, so far, and I’m not the most handy person in the word. I didn’t count rows, just eye-balled everything, and each hat has been unique and adored by the person I gave it to.

  9. When making my hats I’m getting holes sometimes almost like I skipped a peg but I didn’t what am I doing wrong

  10. So I was standing in the craft store. Found a HUGE skein I liked but no second skein. A wonderful woman stopped when I looked confused. I told her I needed to knit with 2 pieces of yarn but no 2nd skein was available in this color. She said “you take the outer thread then go into the middle and find the inner thread…there’s you have your 2 threads” she also said the label on the skein will show where the thread is. But I don’t have a label in front of me to explain. Saved me lots of money on skeins that day, though!

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