Nursery redo

As many of you know, this little lady has turned a lot of blue in our house into PINK! 
I am having so much fun redecorating and adding some more feminine colors into our house.  This little lady makes me so happy! She is one month old already!  I know I’m her mommy, but isn’t she so cute!?
Here is what we’ve been working on…
I bought an old dresser on (a Utah based website where there is a TON for sale)  I bought this dresser for $60.  It has three pieces. Then my husband offered to take it to his work and spray it grey for me.  Here is the before
And the after

Here is my five year old little boy’s bedroom before we moved him into a bunk bed.  It’s quite the mess, but I wanted you to see the color and decor.  Here is the before…
And the After…
 I purchased the hardware online here.  The size was really unique, so I had to find the size online. 

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