Back in the Saddle

I’m finally ready to start running again post-baby!
I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long….
and it was great. It hurt… but it’s a good hurt. 🙂
I thought I’d share some of my running favorites!
By far the BEST shirt I have ever had for running is the Nike Women’s Fitted running shirt.
It fits perfectly, and stays down so I don’t have to pull it down over and over. 
It stays dry, and looks awesome. I love it! Find it HERE
I also love the mapmyrun app for my iphone.
It tracks you while you run, shouting out your pace if you want, and keeps track of your workouts. 
Find it HERE
I also love to drink a green smoothie after my runs… it really completes the deal for me. 🙂
Find the recipe HERE.
I wish I had a favorite shoe to link… I’m still searching for the perfect pair. 
Anyone have ones they love?

7 Replies to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. I looked at that map and wigged out a second because it looked so familiar – you ran right behind my house. Small world. Great job on the workout.

  2. This is the part where I try not to hate you for whipping out 3.13 miles after having a baby and not running forever… Been running for a month now and I’m still not up to 3 miles! But it will come. 🙂

  3. Yea for running again! I can’t wait until it’s my turn. By the way I love my Asics running shoes. Best thing I ever did was get fitted for a running shoe before Ragnar. Go somewhere where they have you run on a treadmill and film your feet. Roadrunner Sports does it I think. Told my hubby that all I want for my birthday is new running shoes. 🙂

  4. Good luck in getting back into shape! I am 3.5 months PP with a baby girl, I’ve lost 28 pounds so far, i have about 25 more to go. I wish you the best 🙂

  5. Yay Cali! I love Nike shoes. I try New Balance and Adidas….but for me, nothing beats Nike. (Plus I’m cheap..) I should probably go to one of those fitted shoes. My sister did and found out one foot was bigger than the other! Maybe I’m not ready for that kind of revelation.

    Great job on the run. It’s a good hurt.

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