Altra Running Shoe

I’m so excited to try a new running shoe brand this time around!
My husband found an add for Altra Running Shoes when he was running in the Ragnar race,
and he came home and immediately told me about them.
I’ve ran in Mizuno, Aisics, New Balance.. you name it.. and I always have the same problem. 
When I train for a race and start putting down lots of miles, I get these huge, hideous, painful blisters on the outside of my big toes. They callous over and blister again and it is extremely painful.
I know I have a picture somewhere, but really, it’s ugly.. so I’ll spare you. 🙂
Not only the big toe though, my baby toe gets squished and I get blisters on that side too. 
So, when Bryan saw this diagram– he knew I should give them a try!
A shoe with a much wider space for the toes! Genius!
I’ve ran on them for a week, and so far, so good!
The real test will be when I start to put on more miles… so I’ll keep you posted!
Check them out HERE!

3 Replies to “Altra Running Shoe”

  1. Wow, they didn’t want to waste money on a good lookin’ foot for that diagram did they? Ha. I hope those work for you! I have the same problem. Nike seem to be working for me – for now. You should come up here and run the Rim2Rim. It’s super cool!!!

  2. i had never heard of these until i saw your post, now i am seeing ads for them online frequently (now that i’am aware i’m actually noticiing). either way, i hope they work! you’ll have to give us an update.

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