Stove Top Casserole

Have you ever written a recipe?  Well, here is my first attempt.

I guess I can’t take all of the credit.  I had several different recipes for this casserole, so I read each of them, and then wrote my own.  (Does that make me the editor, not the author?)

I am really proud of how my recipe turned out because it was just the way I wanted it – not too juicy, not too dry.  I hope it works out as good in your kitchen as it did in mine.

Ashlee’s Stove Top Casserole

1 pkg Stove Top, prepared as directed on box
4 chicken breasts, thawed and cut up into cubes
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 cup milk
1&1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Stir milk and soup together until smooth, and then add 1 cup of the cheese.  Stir in chicken pieces, and pour into a 9×13 pan.  Spread remaining cheese on top, then cover with prepared stuffing.  Bake about 35 minutes at 375 degrees or until chicken is completely cooked.

By the way, whenever I see Stove Top on sale, I stock up because this is not the only recipe I use it for!  CLICK HERE to see more recipes you can make with it!

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    1. I have been making this since my kids were little, mainly because they all love dressing ! I’m happy to see that someone else likes this enough to share it.

  1. Love this recipe! I sometimes mix in a package of frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans sort of thing) so my kids more willingly eat their serving of vegetables.

  2. I made this tonight with twice the amount of sauce (per the advice from one of the other commenters!), some garlic powder and salt, and a 12 oz bag of frozen corn. I love that you don’t have to cook the chicken first. It was really good and very filling. Will make it again for sure, thanks so much for the idea!

  3. I have made this casserole several times and absolutely love it!! I made it again tonight for dinner but I made a few changes. I made the casserole as written BUT instead of 4 chicken breasts I used 2 chicken breasts (they were large breasts). I added 3 medium russet potatoes, peeled and diced and precooked about 15 minutes and about a cup of fresh sliced mushrooms. I baked it as recipe instructed and it was amazing!! This is definitely a keeper recipe and it’s a great comfort dish. I could eat this casserole weekly if not daily! Thank you for a great recipe!!

  4. Just a quick question – do you need to cover this dish with Reynolds wrap before putting it in the oven? or is it fine without?

  5. This could easily be turned into a Thanksgiving leftover casserole! Use turkey instead of chicken, cream of potato soup (instead of cream of chicken), and add corn for some texture.

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