Covered Foam Pads

The credit for this post really goes to my sister Cali!  Her and her husband made these a few months ago, she just never posted about them.  So when I decided that I “had to have them”, I took pictures and asked her if I could do this post.
*Do you ever go camping and only need a single foam pad?
*Do you have a scout or young woman that needs to take a foam pad to a camp out, but you don’t really want them to have to worry about them blowing one up?  Or getting a hole in it?
Well, here is your answer!
I went and bought 2 foam pads from Fred Meyer, when they were on sale, for $20 each.
They measure 72″  X  30″ and are about 2 1/2″ inches thick.
 Then I found these 2 twin size flat sheets from Walmart for $5 each.
I also got a 2 pack king size pillowcase, to store the covered foam pad in for $5.
 Trust me…I’m not a great sewer, so if I can do this…so can you!
All I did was sew the right sides of the sheet together.
Yup, one seam along the bottom and one seam along the side!
Sorry, this next picture isn’t that great, but all I did was turn the sown sheet over the foam pad,
so that the right sides are now on the outside.
 Then I simply rolled it up and slipped in inside the king sized pillowcase.
 Ta da…..and then it looks like a nice big cinnamon roll on the inside.  =)

 These are also nice for hosting company (when your air mattress has a leak)
or having sleepovers downstairs with the kids!

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    1. This is great thanks! Do you have an idea of what the final rolled up dimensions are? Thanks again!

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