A sweet deal for ONE WEEK ONLY!!

Who LOVES a great deal???
For ONE WEEK ONLY you can get $20 off ($$, not % off)
both of the Dating Divas e-books.  That’s ALMOST HALF!!!
Have you heard of The Dating Divas?
They are a bunch of cute, fun girls who started a blog to get us all out of the dating ruts that we are in.
It’s time to stop the “what do you want to do tonight?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do tonight?” routines!
They have tons of great ideas for having fun together and getting that spark back into your marriages!
I was SO excited when they announced their 2 new e-books.
I knew they would be awesome and boy was I right!
Here they are:
#1.  The A to Z guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days To A Happier, Healthier Marriage

#2.  The Ultimate Date Night
My favorite part of the A to Z book was the letters K and S!
The letter K= Know when to work and when to play
I could really be better in this area.  Sometimes it is hard for me to be spontaneous and crazy.
I like to have things totally planned out and scheduled.
This paragraph totally hit me.
“How sad for the child whose parents are too busy to create such treasured memories. How sad for the
parents whose teenager is too busy with their self-absorbed life to eat dinner together. How sad for the lonely spouse whose sweetheart is too busy to realize the importance of date night. Yes, we ARE all busy, but we are also all in charge of our own destiny and we are capable of changing the direction we are going in. Life is TOO short to forget to laugh, to forget to play, to forget to ignore the looming “to-do” list and do something spontaneous.  If we are so focused on completing everything on our lists, we will miss out on those opportunities to have fun in life!”

The letter S= Speak Kindly About Your Spouse
I think this is critical.  How great would you feel if you overheard your spouse saying something great about you to a friend or family member?  For me…this puts me on cloud 9!
On the other hand, how would it make you feel if your spouse totally put you down in public settings?  Would your trust level decrease?  Would you feel hurt or humiliated?
The other thing I’ve noticed about life is that you are usually able to forgive and move on, but the person you told all of those negative things to doesn’t forget and move on.  They remember them.
.  The very last line of this chapter reads,

“Go out of your way today to say something nice about your spouse to someone!”

So…let’s try it!!

The Ultimate Date Night book is also AMAZING!!  It has great pictures and complete date outlines.  How many of us would really like to go on a date,
but don’t really have the creativity and TIME to put into it?
This book has some wonderful ideas and a list of all that you’ll need for which ever date you choose.
My top 5 favorite date ideas were:
A Date That Scores, Car Wash, Couples Minute-To-Win-It, Nerf Wars, and Just Dance!

I think my husband and I would have a ball with ALL of these dates!
I LOVE how they made it possible to print out everything from the invitations to the game pieces.
Isn’t an INVITATION to a date a few days before intriguing and fun?
I’ll admit, I haven’t done that in years, but I’m going to start.  I want my husband to be thinking of me and trying to guess what I have up my sleeve for our date!

Lucky for all of you…
The Dating Divas have hooked Bits of Everything readers up with a SA-WEET deal! 
When you buy both books (using the E-Book Bundle) cart option and code BITSOFEVERYTHING, you get $20 off!  That is a great deal because the A to Z Guide is regularly $9.97 and the Ultimate Date Night Guide book is regularly $37.

Now you can get them both for $26.97!!!
That is a crazy awesome deal.
JUST CLICK HERE to get yours NOW!

This deal is good for ONE WEEK ONLY!!
Start improving your connection and communication
with your spouse TODAY!!

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