Strawberry Rocks

I’ve seen and heard about this idea several times now.  It’s time to put it to the test and see if it helps.  The idea is simple.  Paint rocks to look like strawberries to deter birds from wanting to eat your strawberries.  They will try to eat the rocks, not like them, and leave the real strawberries alone.  Our strawberry patch it doing better this year, so I am willing to try anything to keep my strawberries from the birds.  Here is how our rocks turned out.

To paint the strawberries, we used tips from Lee Wismer.  There are lots of pictures, so it is very helpful.  I had my kids paint all the red, they love to help.  Then, I did the leaves and seeds myself.  I’m not an artist or tole painter, but I think my strawberries turned out pretty good.  I’m hoping the birds will hate them.  🙂

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