Knotted Headband

 Last weekend I ran a half marathon with some of my girlfriends.
We found some loud and fun socks for all of us to wear and we wanted to find a fun neon headband to go with it, but we didn’t have any luck! 
I searched online and found THIS tutorial for a crocheted knotted headband and gave it a try.
I think it turned out so cute!
I made a couple small changes to my headband..
*I chained 75 chains, instead of her recommended 70
*I also had holly sew the ends together on her sewing machine leaving the chained side open a little for extra stretching.
*I skipped the step of ruching the rows, and just let the knot do that.
It was a super easy and fun project!
Here we were on race day!

A perfect project for a beginner. 

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