Hooded Towels

A friend of mine gave me a Hooded Towel for a baby gift years ago.
I have really loved it.  I’ve used it since my baby was little, and I still use it today!

I have been wanting to make another one… and finally did it this week.
My friend Susan helped me figure it out.
(Thanks for your photography skills too, Susan!)
So, all you need is one towel, and one hand towel.
First step: cut your hand towel in half.
(Mine was 26″ x 12″ so I cut it so each peace was 13″ x 12″)

Then, pin that peace to the center of your large towel.  (Right sides together.)
Sew a zigzag stitch.

Then fold the top in half, and pin it.

Sew another zigzag stitch, and there you have it!  A hooded towel!

Susan and I wanted to use the other half of the hand towel for something…
We could have just finished off the raw edge and called it a washcloth,
but we decided to make a wash cloth mitt.
We made our own pattern, and pinned it to the towel (folded in half). Then cut.

After sewing another zigzag stitch around it and turning it inside out, it was done!
And there you have it!
A matching hooded towel and wash cloth mitt!

This would make a great baby gift!

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    1. Hi Jennifer! No, I didn’t use a different kind of needle. I just used the one already in my machine, and it worked out just fine.
      Thanks for trying this tutorial, and thanks for following Bits of Everything!

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