Pinterest Update

All 5 of us are on Pinterest now!

We LOVE it!
If you want more info on what Pinterest is, read THIS post!
Pinterest has now been updated and they have created secret boards!
¬†Brilliant! ūüôā
Why is this so great?
Up to this point, if you pin something EVERYONE can see it.
The down side to this is that if you find a gift idea for your sister and she follows your boards,
¬†then chances are….she’ll see the gift idea.
Hence…………the beauty of the secret boards!
To read more information about the Secret Boards, click here! 
I LOVE that you can have up to 3 secret boards and you can also invite others to be able to post on them.
So, if you were planning a party for someone at work, you and a co-worker 
could both post ideas to the secret board! 
**You can also switch your secret boards to “off” allowing them to be visible to everyone else, but once they are visible, you CAN’T take them back to secret AND you can’t make existing visible boards secret either!
Happy Pinning!!

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