My Sweet Baby

You know those times when you see something online (in this case, a video)
and you think… “I really wish I could do something like that”.
That is exactly how I felt when I watched this darling little video.
It was so moving to me as a young mother.. and I longed to have something like that for myself.
“But it’s not my idea..”
“I’m wearing my sweats and a t-shirt”
“Graham isn’t wearing anything cute either..”
“I don’t have anyone to take the video for me, and I don’t want to bother anyone.”
There were a handful of reasons to not try,
but in the end I convinced myself that I could at least give it shot… and see what I could come up with.
I realized that good ideas were meant to be shared..
that I wear sweats and a t-shirt most every day and that was being true to myself.
..that G is a baby and doesn’t need cute clothes to make him perfectly adorable..
and that I could just film the video myself.
So I spent a half hour maybe, filming myself with my little one.
I used a Nikon D7000.
I set the camera on my bed.. and let it get whatever it could get.
I put it on a tripod next, with my two little girls threatening to knock it over at least 100 times.
The girls watched the back of the camera to see what it was recording.. and fought over who got to stand closest to the tripod. 
After a half hour or so, I thought I had enough to work with.
I pulled up imovie. 
I bought the beautiful song.
I sifted my way through my first time with transitions and video footage.
… and after a couple hours.. 
I had this.
.. and you know what?
I am SO glad I tried.
Now I can remember Graham as a baby.. down to his perfect little giggle…. 
.. and just as important.. I can remember us. How much I love him, and how he leans into my snuggle.
Good ideas were meant to be shared. 
I’m certain that’s what the photographers that made the first video would want us to think.
… try it!
You will be so glad you did.
** song info: My Sweet Baby from Sweet Water Child ~ Lullabies For Getty


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