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I LOVE getting a good deal.  It’s such a great feeling when I know that I’ve saved my family money so we could spend it somewhere else (Hopefully somewhere fun!) 
My favorite deal of 2012 was scored on 12/12/12. I saw on my Facebook wall this killer deal.  I ended up getting my Christmas cards printed out and mailed for .29 cents each! Since stamps are .45 cents each-they clearly lost money on me! Companies do this to gain new customers.  I will happily become their customer for that kind of deal.  
Here are some things I’ve learned about good deals…
Facebook: If you are interested in those deals that you see other friends claiming, You don’t have to click on them to get them.  AND they really aren’t too good to be true.  Google the companies website and you can check out the deal there on their website.  They make you “claim” them so that your wall says it so your friends will click on it, and so on and so on…
Follow these websites for some EXCELLENT deals.  These girls are on top of these deals and are sweet enough to share them with the rest of us!–Follow them on Facebook to get instant updates follow them on Facebook on facebook
Here’s another tip! Printable coupons online are limited to a certain number.  Once they reach their limit, the coupon disappears.  SO, if you want the deal, you need to snatch it! If you snooze you lose!
Happy Shopping.
ALSO! Check out this article.  I loved the “10 Budget Basics Every Parent Should Know”

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