Framed Instagram Collage Tutorial

A while ago I did a post about using to print off your Instagram pictures.
I printed off two posters, and hung them side by side with Command Poster Hanging Strips.
Since my walls are white, it just looked incomplete to me.. 
so I asked my husband to make a frame for me to complete the look, 
and add some color to our white walls.

Holly and I measured what we would need, and went to Home Depot.
We bought 3, 7 foot boards for $6.50 each.
Bryan cut the boards with a chop saw and then we decided to glue the pieces together with wood glue.
Then he used a little putty for the cracks in the corners..
and then we spray painted it with a $3.50 can of paint from Walmart! 

Originally we thought we would nail it to the wall, 
but I wanted it to be easily removable so that I could change out the pictures inside of it,
or paint it a different color in the future to change things up.
Bryan suggested that we use the Command Damage-Free Hanging strips–
and they have been great!
The frame doesn’t weigh very much at all, so the strips are perfect.
We put one in each corner, and then one in the top center, and bottom center.

8 Replies to “Framed Instagram Collage Tutorial”

  1. This is the coolest! Such a thrifty project with such an amazing turnout! I really love the frame color against the white walls too.. I’m definitely going to do this! Thank you so much for showing me how 🙂

    Thanks for following The Thriftiness Miss too and linking up to our party! Following you back now as well.. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Cali, this looks AMAZING! SO glad to see the creative ways PosterFuse can be used!
    As always, if there are any additional features you’d like to see, we’re just an email away. Glad you love our product and web-based platform.

    – The PosterFuse Team

  3. Such a great idea! We just went to Disney and I want to make a collage of our vacation and the characters we met. I’m totally doing this!

    Stopping by from Not Just A Housewife’s show-me-what-ya-got-110

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