Easy Crafts for Kids!

Spring break is less than 2 weeks away, so I’m getting some activities together for my kids.

We aren’t planning a trip anywhere, but I still want them to have something to look forward to.
I was looking at some of my previous posts for inspiration, when I came upon THIS post.
It was such a hit that I think I’ll do it again.
Crayon Melting Art

 All you do is heat your pancake griddle.  (You get different outcomes with lower and higher heat.  I set mine on 200*.)  Then you let the kids pick a picture to color.  They can choose to do a coloring book page or a blank piece of paper.  Then as they color with crayons, they will melt as you color!  When they’re all done, hold them up to the window and they make these BEAUTIFUL stain glass windows.  Even the younger kids have sheets that turn out awesome!  Be careful with the little ones around the heat, of course.  I just held their little elbows up.  You should definitely try this out today!

Here are a few more ideas to check out!
Noodle Art
Melting your own crayons
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Homemade Suckers
Snowflake Tortillas
 Magnet Popsicle Sticks

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