Blurb Photo Book, Yearbook Style

Our parents just left on a 3 year mission for our Church.  We are so excited for them, but will miss them so much! Before they left, we had family pictures taken and we made them into a book that they could display on a coffee table or take with them places.  Emily had the awesome idea that we all sign the book, like a yearbook. They totally loved it.  We let all of the kids sign their names and whatever message they wanted, too.  

I used and it turned out great. I have made several books through them, and am always happy with the quality.  
This would be an awesome gift idea for the ones you love! 

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  1. Love it!!! What a great idea! Your parents are going to LOVE looking at that book on their mission. I still remember reading scriptures with your family early one morning when we had stayed the night on our way up to Ricks College… times:) Your parents are going to do great!

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