Huggies Little Swimmers

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It has been so hot outside! This week it’s supposed to be in the 100s all week, and last week was just as hot! My kids and I have been to the pool several times to combat the heat, and I’ve found a few essentials that I can’t live without.
One of them is Huggies Little Swimmers.  
We have used them for years, and they are the best swim option for babies. They come in 3 different sizes, which has come in handy with the different ages of babies/toddlers. Our city pool requires that 3 year old children (regardless of potty training) wear swim diapers, so it has been so nice that there are sizes that fit the smallest babies, to the biggest toddlers! 
 I love how snug they are, without being too tight. They keep liquid out, and don’t get huge after having been in the water.  They don’t tear or break– they are just awesome!
 This particular day at the pool I forgot my little guy’s swimming suit… oops! But the diaper was good enough for him to get in and swim around and I felt comfortable that he (and the pool) were both covered. 🙂
I really LOVE Huggies Little Swimmers!
It just so happens that I also love Target (who doesn’t?) and today I have a coupon to share for $1.50 off of Huggies Little Swimmers from Target! yay! 
Have an awesome summer! 

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