Gelish 4th of July art!

Happy 4th of July tomorrow!  I love July and all the fun designs there are. Oh, and I am in love with Gelish gel polish!  It’s SO fun!  I like Shellac too, but I love the size and all the variety of colors Gelish has.
I’ve been having fun lately with nail art.  There is no end to the fun designs.  I love the creativity that my clients come with…and that we have fun creating once they get here.
Here is how I did the picture to the left:  Gelish Colors:  Caution, Red Roses, and Showstopper.  I painted on the Sheek White with these new fun dotting tools I purchased on Amazon.  These are so fun!
For the star, I used Konad red polish with my stamper kit.  I also got this plate on Amazon.  It is the star plate Mash-49.
These stamping plates are SO fun!  Here is a tutorial that I did a while ago.  Just remember that for the best results you need to use Konad special polish.  It is formulated differently so that it has different pigments, and it dries FAST!  Also, for best image results use PURE ACETONE when wiping the nail plate off and the stamper tool.  
The 2nd picture is so similar.  Gelish colors:  Good Gossip, Caution, and then the Konad white special polish.  I used the Mash-46 plate for the small stripes, Mash-43 for the thicker stripes, Mash-48 plate for the heart, and again for the stars, Mash-49.  
So FUN!  Here are some other fun nails I’ve done lately.  I love being a nail tech.  It has been so fun!  

Have a great holiday!  

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