Fun with Rainbows


1.  Crayon Melting Rainbow    2.  Rainbow Color Mixing   3.  Rainbow Loom Tutorials   4.  Rainbow Carnations   5.  Color Sorting Rainbow   6.  Simple Rainbow Art


1.  Rainbow Jello   2.  Fruit Rainbow   3.  Rainbow Jello Cookies   4.  Rainbow Bread   5.  Rainbow Cupcakes   6.  Rainbow Waffles


1.  Rainbow to go   2.  Rainbow Printable  3.  End of the Rainbow   4.  Rainbow Printable   5.  Taste the Rainbow (tic tacs)   6.  Rainbow Tag

I don’t really remember celebrating St. Patrick’s Day when I was a kids.  We only wore green and that was it.  I think it is so fun to mix in a few simple things to make this holiday a little more fun.  I hope all these ideas of Fun with Rainbows inspires you to add in a few more fun things with your kids for St. Patrick’s day.

Now is the hard part….choosing which one to do first.  They all look like tons of fun!

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  1. I need to get better about crafting with Dax around holidays. This is giving me a head start! Also, those rainbow waffles need to be made, They are so cute!

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