Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids

My kids are getting older.  The typical Easter egg hunt is just too easy.  This year I’ve been coming up with a new Easter egg hunt that will challenge my kids and take them longer than 2 minutes to finish it.  I love technology and my kids love their electronic devices, so we’ve decided to use them with this challenge.

Smart Phone Egg Hunt

There are two ways to do this challenging Easter egg hunt.  1 – Treasure hunt style.  One egg leads you to the next egg.  OR   2 – Check off list style.  Give them a print out of the list of clues that they can find in any order.  Either way should work fine.

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112 Replies to “Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids”

  1. wow … thank you, this is perfect for my kids and they will get such a kick out of it! FYI … I’ve downloaded the first set of QR’s with no problem, checked them & they worked great. The second set however, won’t download.

  2. I love this but I wish there was an inside the house version. Not guaranteed a warm day on Easter in our colder Canadian climate. 🙁

  3. I downloaded all sets easily and the QR codes seem to work fine. Three days before Easter and my husband says, “You are going to have an Easter Egg hunt for [our son] and his friends aren’t you? Actually, I thought at 17 I wouldn’t have to anymore; wrong. Thank you SO much for helping me make this a fun event and saving me LOTS of time. LOVE IT!

  4. Hi I love this idea so much and appreciate how much effort you have put into them. I was wondering how you did this or if i could send you some more difficult clues to fit on some clue cards. My daughter would love this but the clues need to be a bit harder

  5. Oh my goodness – this is amazing! You are a rock star for creating and sharing this 🙂 Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you for the effort you did and sharing with your readers! I was able to use 14 of these clues for our yard!

  7. Update: I changed three of your clues to fit our yard and added one for the Golden Egg with Chic-Fil-A gift cards. The teens were SO pleasantly surprised that it was so much fun. We have a lot of trees and some clues were in similar places but they had to go from one part of the yard and back many times. My kids aren’t crazy about candy so I found items to make it more personal like air freshener vents wraps for the car since they are driving and s’more ingredients made with the Peeps (Pintrest idea), Funky Flames for social gatherings around the fir pit and the small generic party poppers. One of the last stations had a drink on ice and another had the hand sanitizer wet wipes. Of course some candy but at least it wasn’t an overwhelming amount. Thanks SO much for all the effort you put into this idea. It saved me so much time.

  8. Tip: The way I changed the clue was to find a QR Generator from the internet and used Plain Text. It wasn’t as pretty but it got the job done. Then I printed them on sticker paper, cut the code out and stuck to a bag or basket at each station.

  9. Hi, this is awesome and I would really love to use this for my oldest son this year – I am having difficulty downloading the images for the codes. Is there any way you can email me the pdf’s?

  10. I did this last year for my eight going-on-nine year old. It was wonderful! This year he wondered if the Easter bunny (yeah, he still believes…☺️) …”was still going to do that thing with (phone)”. I was so happy that he was looking forward to it. Thanks.

  11. This is so cool. Thank you so much for helping me with my procrastination! I am sure the older kids will love this tomorrow.

  12. I did this with my teens (13,14,18) this year and they LOVED it!!!! I hid one egg at each spot so it was a race too. Very fun and active. The clues were great and the download was super easy. Thank you!!!!!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this activity! We are having an Easter Egg hunt for all of my parent’s great grandchildren who range in age from preschool to teens. The preschoolers are having one hunt and the pre-teens and teens will have another. I do need to change some of the clues because it needs to fit my daughter’s home and yard but I think it will be fun and challenging for me to do it. I can’t wait to see their reactions and watch all the fun. Happy Easter!

  14. This is an amazing idea. Works great with the free qr scan apps. Thanks so much for coming up with this idea. My 10 year old is gonna love it.

  15. This is such a creative way to create an Easter Egg hunt for Tweens. I have a lot of creative ideas for Easter Egg hunts on my website but haven’t seen one like this for Teens. Such an inventive idea! 🙂

  16. Thank you for a great idea for Tweens – Teens! I am a grandmother who is technologically challenged. This helped me a lot! My grandchildren still love their Easter Hunt and hopefully I’ll really surprise them this year!

  17. Thank you for doing all of the hard work for me. My older grandchildren will LOVE this! I am also generating a harder list for my adult children, codes with pictures.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic idea.
    I downloaded all pages with no problem.
    I am sure my teens are going to love it!!!

  19. This was awesome! We had family members of all ages participate. We divided up into teams. The teens and young adults especially loved it! We put the clues in the hidden eggs, so they had to follow the clue to the next egg, before they got their next QR code to look for. We live near a large park, so we also gave them a map of the park, and put the eggs throughout the park using some of your clues (e.g. monkey bars, park bench, etc). We lucked out with beautiful weather, so hiking through the park made it extra fun. I added another clue (for the boardwalk in the park) by just including a handwritten clue. I also gave bonus points if they sent me a Snap Chat or group selfie from the park bench. Thank you so much for sharing this! They all want to do it again next year! Any chance you’ll add some new clues or make an indoor one in case it rains?

    The hardest part was figuring out the order for each team to find the clues in. I wanted each team to find their clues in a different order so they weren’t all going to the same spot at the same time. (I had a different colored plastic egg (one for each team) at each location. This way, each team was sent to a different location to find their next egg/clue. The older kids had a lot more running back and forth between clues, than the younger kids did. That worked out great, although it took me a bit to get it planned out.

    Thanks again for sharing this; it created memories that will last a lifetime for us! 🙂 Happy Easter!

  20. What an amazing idea. Many thanks for this. I will let you know how it is received in Australia on Easter Sunday!

  21. This looks great, my son loves an egg hunt but at 12 the clues I have are a bit young, His phone is never out of his hand so you will make me look like a great mom, for using tech for a new egg hunt. thank you.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this. You just helped turn a potentially awkward family gathering (too many teens) into a really fun time.

  23. Thank you for sharing these amazing ideas! I am so grateful. I can’t wait to use the QR code hunt with my 10 year old. She loves doing Easter Egg hunts, but the traditional ones are too easy for her now.

  24. I organized this egg hunt with a neighbor and friend last year and it was a blast. It kept the kids busy for 3 hours! The adults enjoyed dessert and drinks on the patio watching the kids work together to figure out all of the clues. We hid eggs at both houses so they had to ride bikes in between clues. We loved it so much we are doing it again this year!

  25. This was a big hit today! Our kids ranging from age 7-15 loved this QR egg hunt – thank you for your creativity! Of course we helped the youngest but they all ran with it. I hope you will make some variations as I don’t think this will be the last time. Awesome idea 🐣👌🏻

  26. We used this today for kids my step-“kids”, age 13 and 18. They loved it!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  27. I did this just yesterday for my 4 grandchildren 12-12-15 and 16. They loved it, their parents loved it and they are already asking if we can do this again next year so please have some new clues!

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  29. I was Nicky surprised how easy this was to use. Thank you thank you thank you 😀😀😀
    I have a child with ASD who loves tec. It was amazing how engaged she was and her friends.
    What a brilliant idea.

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  31. Hi!
    I love this idea to use as a school Easter hunt! We don’t have many at school at the moment with the c virus going around. I thought this might be nice to boost morale ( little but if fun fun for the teachers and students still at school. Any chance of being able to alter the templates to different locations in the school? How can I set up done thing similar? Perhaps I can edit these templates…?? Thoughts?
    Kind regards,

  32. Hi Holly! I love this idea! What a fun activity to do with teens or as a family. I am doing a blog post on Easter Egg activities for different ages and would love to include a link to your blog, if that’s okay. Thanks!

  33. Thank you so much for a great idea! I have a 13 and 19 year old that have been going stir crazy with the quarantine, so I think this will be perfect for them.

  34. Thank you for share this great idea! it help us to make easier and funny this lockdown! thank you very much!!
    Muchas gracias ! =)

  35. Thank you so much this is just great! Was looking for something a little different for my highschooler!!

  36. You have no idea what a fantastic treat these qr codes have been….
    My children have 5 yrs between each other so things are generally with to childish for my eldest or to grown up for my youngest this hit the bill perfectly.. Not only that I put these Easter baskets at the end and it stop the chocolate over load due to just trying to hid actual chocolate.. thank you xx

  37. Ok I printed and plan to do a test run this afternoon! I’m so not tech savvy! This is such a great idea! So thankful to you for sharing!!! God bless and stay safe!

  38. Hello, did this hunt this morning with my 12 year old and 14 year old. They really enjoyed it. Many thanks for posting it!

  39. Thank you so much! My 16 and 14 year olds had fun this morning with this and it was a pleasant treat through our quarantine. And I like that it could actually be used for any kind of scavenger hunt, not just Easter. Thank you for your creativity and generosity.

  40. This was a wonderful idea! All four of our children enjoyed the smart phone hunt, and the clues worked well around our yard. Thank you for sharing the fruit of your labors with us to make it much simpler planning!

  41. Thank you so much! My kids 17-23 had so much fun, it was very cool! (got myself totally confused as I had to tweak the numbers to suit our place) but we got there in the end and it was way fun!

  42. In addition to hiding little candy and prizes with the eggs, you can also slip a raffle ticket into each one. Then, after all of the eggs have been found, you can hold a raffle for some bigger Easter gifts for kids .

  43. In addition to hiding little candy and prizes with the eggs, you can also slip a raffle ticket into each one. Then, after all of the eggs have been found, you can hold a raffle for some bigger Easter gifts for kids . While the chocolates, trinkets, and coins may be the main draw, everyone will feel like a winner when they’re given one of these small (but mighty) trophies that read “Good Egg,” “Most Eggs” and more.

  44. This is a fantastic idea for my two older children. They will be thrilled this year!
    Many thanks for sharing your creativeness 🙂

  45. I cut up a map to the golden egg and put a piece of the puzzle in an egg at each location. Each person took only their colored egg, so at the end there was a rase to put a puzzle together and a race to get the grand prize in the golden egg.

  46. Hi , I am excited to be doing this for my annual egg hunt this year , I’m upping my game as now my Grandchildren are 16,14,12,11,10 respectively & I have been doing an egg hunt since the eldest was 4 so as you can imagine each year I try to beat the previous year.
    This g is how do I download the QR code ? 🤔

  47. Glad someone shared this on a FB group site I am on. Look forward to doing this with my college kids. Thank you for sharing.

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