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Pinterest Update

All 5 of us are on Pinterest now!

We LOVE it!
If you want more info on what Pinterest is, read THIS post!
Pinterest has now been updated and they have created secret boards!
¬†Brilliant! ūüôā
Why is this so great?
Up to this point, if you pin something EVERYONE can see it.
The down side to this is that if you find a gift idea for your sister and she follows your boards,
¬†then chances are….she’ll see the gift idea.
Hence…………the beauty of the secret boards!
To read more information about the Secret Boards, click here! 
I LOVE that you can have up to 3 secret boards and you can also invite others to be able to post on them.
So, if you were planning a party for someone at work, you and a co-worker 
could both post ideas to the secret board! 
**You can also switch your secret boards to “off” allowing them to be visible to everyone else, but once they are visible, you CAN’T take them back to secret AND you can’t make existing visible boards secret either!
Happy Pinning!!
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Latest and Greatest Pinterest Finds

Don’t you just love pinterest?
If you don’t know what it is, read more about what pinterest HERE!
I have pinned a ton of ideas, but I actually put a few of them to the test this last week.
Here are the ones I’ve tried and liked.
Now, I only have one little boy, so I don’t have a ton of yellow stuff on the floor,
but I don’t want my bathroom to smell like a bathroom….you know?
It was a little trickier to clean up than I was hoping, but I really liked the results.
This really did work like magic.
I LOVED it!¬† I’ll probably use it to replace my other tub cleaner forever!
If you hate leaning over your tub to scrub it like I do, you’ve gotta give this a try!
This was probably my favorite tip because it saved me so much money!
My husband and I try and try to get our kids to put the DVD’s back into their case, but unfortunately,
we still have mysteriously scratched DVD’s that my kids know nothing about!¬† =)
The other day we tried this trick and it fixed all but 2 of them.
(The scratches on these two were probably just to deep.)
We were all SOOO happy.
The kids felt like they had new movies to watch because they hadn’t worked in so long.
Well, I am trying out a few more in the near future, so I’ll let you know what other secrets are out there!
If you’ve tried some tips or tricks that work, we’d love to hear about it!

2011 Collage

Remember THIS post from last year?  
Well, I’ve created my 2011 year end collage, and I love it!
It’s so fun to look back at all the things we did, and how the kids have changed throughout the year.
If you have photoshop or photoshop elements– you can download this free template HERE!
My favorite Pinterest find lately??
The $1 silverware tray from the dollar store for toothbrushes!
¬†We have such a hard time keeping the toothbrushes off the counter, and my husband hates putting them in the drawer with our hair things.. ewww… so when I found this online- I knew it was genius. ¬†We all love having the perfect spot for our toothbrush- and it was only $1. Perfect!
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