Latest and Greatest Pinterest Finds

Don’t you just love pinterest?
If you don’t know what it is, read more about what pinterest HERE!
I have pinned a ton of ideas, but I actually put a few of them to the test this last week.
Here are the ones I’ve tried and liked.
Now, I only have one little boy, so I don’t have a ton of yellow stuff on the floor,
but I don’t want my bathroom to smell like a bathroom….you know?
It was a little trickier to clean up than I was hoping, but I really liked the results.
This really did work like magic.
I LOVED it!  I’ll probably use it to replace my other tub cleaner forever!
If you hate leaning over your tub to scrub it like I do, you’ve gotta give this a try!
This was probably my favorite tip because it saved me so much money!
My husband and I try and try to get our kids to put the DVD’s back into their case, but unfortunately,
we still have mysteriously scratched DVD’s that my kids know nothing about!  =)
The other day we tried this trick and it fixed all but 2 of them.
(The scratches on these two were probably just to deep.)
We were all SOOO happy.
The kids felt like they had new movies to watch because they hadn’t worked in so long.
Well, I am trying out a few more in the near future, so I’ll let you know what other secrets are out there!
If you’ve tried some tips or tricks that work, we’d love to hear about it!

3 Replies to “Latest and Greatest Pinterest Finds”

  1. That tub cleaner is AMAZING! My tub has never been so white. Ever. I will never buy a cleaner again! I wonder how long it keeps though. And do I need to reheat it every time I use it?

    1. Thanks Natalie! I’ve only used it once so I’m not sure how to answer your questions. Let me know if you find out before I do! 🙂

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