Hello Kitty Cake

My 4 year old requested a Hello Kitty birthday cake for her birthday this year.
My skills in the cake department are lacking, but since we just had a new baby and wouldn’t be going out to do something fun for her birthday- I wanted to try.  Luckily my cousin had just made one and gave me some great tips!
Here’s the finished product!

I used one cake mix to make 2 8 inch rounds and let them cool.
I then carved and oval for the face out of one round, and some ears out of the other one.
 Then I covered the whole thing with white frosting to keep the crumbs under control… this was probably the hardest part with the super moist cake.
 Then I used a decorating tip and did little stars (is that what you call them?) over the whole cake. Again- it’s not perfect.  I made a little pink frosting and made a little bow… and then we added black licorice for the whiskers, and peanut butter m&ms for the eyes and nose. (I was supposed to use jelly beans for that part… but I had the m&ms on hand.)
 And wha-la! One happy happy 4 year old! 
If you ever need a Hello Kitty cake- give it a try! 

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