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Locks of Love Donation

We have a friend that has been fighting cancer.  We love her and her family.

Kaylee (my daughter) and Sydney are only a few months apart.  Ever since we learned of this diagnosis, we have been thinking of little things we could do to help.  One thing we did was send valentines to all of Sydney’s friends at the hospital for Valentines Day.  Not a big thing for us to do, but it means so much to them!

The next thing we wanted to do to help was donate Kaylee’s hair to Locks of Love.  We have been growing it out for quite a while now, and we finally took the plunge and cut it!

Kaylee is excited to be able to donate her ponytail.  She loves the new haircut, but it’s an extra bonus to be able to be helping someone else at the same time.

We are on Team Sydney!

Learn more about our friend Sydney and ways you can help, go to Sydney’s Blog and Sydney’s Facebook Page.

Learn more about donating hair at Locks of Love.


Misikko Hair Dryer

I LOVE profressional hair products and hair styling tools!
I went to cosmetology school about 15 years ago (Wow, that makes me sounds sooo old!)
and I have been hooked on professional/salon grade supplies ever since!

Through the years, I’ve learned that I am kind of picky when it comes to blow dryers.
They absolutely can not be too heavy, they need to have a a long enough cord to reach around my client (or child :), and they have to have a good amount of air pressure.

Well, if you feel the same, boy have I got the perfect hair dryer for you!
If you go to Misikko website, you’ll see all sorts of awesome hair tools,
including the Hana Salon Flat Irons.  I don’t have one of their flat irons yet, but I was reading some of the reviews and they make a world of difference when straightening your hair. It made me really, really, really want to purchase one!  Especially for my daughter with thick, wavy hair.  🙂 

Anyway, back the the awesome hair dryer!  😉

Now….let me show you how this package arrived!  I was amazed!  🙂
When I first opened the lid of the box, this is the beauty that I found.  There were all sorts of little extra gifts in there to make it beautiful!

 In both of the pretty purple bags, there was hand sanitizer and 2 nail files!

 My girls LOVED the teddy bear and immediately claimed it as their own. 
 It also came with a brush, some chocolates, a heat proof pouch & an e.l.f. eyelash curler.
 It was packaged up so pretty, I almost didn’t want to take it out of the box.
 Here is another view of the beauty! (Don’t mind my reflection.  He he he!)
The next morning I was anxious to use this baby.  First, right off the bat, I was impressed with the length of the cord. I just HAD to measure it because I could tell it was a lot longer than my previous cord.  I’m a nerd I know, but it measured 11 feet long!  🙂  My last blow dryer cord was only 8.5 feet long.
Next, I loved the feel of it.  The handle is nice and slender so that my hand can fit all the way around it.  It has the standard switches on the front of it.  The bottom switch is the heat control and it says “Off, Warm, or Hot”.  It does exactly what you want. I usually use the warm setting. When I switch the dryer to “off” it has air, but there is no heat, which is perfect if you have damaged hair at all. The middle switch is the power switch and is says “Off, Low, or High”.  The button at the top is a cool shot.  It is nice when you are round brushing your hair and want it to keep the curl.  Shoot the hair with a bit of cool air when you are finished to set in the curl.  
Finally, the weight.  It only weighs one pound!  I couldn’t believe it!  Yes, I weighed it to see! 😉
My arm does not want to fall off before I’m finished.  It’s awesome.

I also love the narrow nozzle.  I didn’t have any frizz when I used this drier and my hair felt SO soft.  It also dried my hair quicker.  No, I haven’t timed the difference yet, but I’ve thought about it!  It is noticeably shorter time.  I know I have short hair, so it’s not as critical to me, but for my daughter with thick hair, yeah…it’s going to be a big difference.

Misikko also has a Facebook page and they offer great hair advice and run giveaways for some of their most popular products.  Hurry over there and check them out!

*I was given product for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own!*


Stylish Women’s Clothes!

Have you heard of or have you ever been to a Head Over Heels clothing store?
They are awesome!!
 I was in desperate need of some new, more stylish clothes when I noticed their store in the mall. 
The sales associate who helped me was so friendly and helpful (not overly helpful or pushy) and she made great suggestions and helped me pick out two whole outfits!  I RARELY buy clothes for myself, so this was extremely exciting for me.  I even bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans! (Eeekkkk!  I never thought I’d do that!)

They are constantly adding new and fun things to their website!  You’ve got to check them out!
Their new spring clothes are SO CUTE!!!
You should totally like their page on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest too!

Even my daughter (almost 13 yrs old) likes my clothes and wants to wear them.  That’s a good sign!

And now for the exciting news  
they are offering all of our readers a discount code!
 YAY!! How awesome is that? 
Just enter “bitsof20” to receive 20% off everything in the store!
Hurry…coupon expires on 3/22/13.

A big “thank you” to my sister, Cali, for taking these pictures!
*I did receive product to review for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own!*