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Food Nanny to the Rescue!

One of my new years goals is to get better at meal planning AND only going to the grocery store every two weeks. Lately, 4:00 comes around and it becomes a pancake night again…bleh. That’s fine every once in a while, but I like breakfast in the morning ūüôā
I got to flip through channels the other night and stopped on this Food Nanny. She is helping people all over the place. The dinner table really is such an important place to build our relationships with our families. I love her show.  Check out this video below. And watch her show on BYU tv.
She has links to her shows that deal with, families with picky eaters, short order eaters, eaters that need more veggies, mixing the meals up a little, cooking on a budget, cooking quick AND healthy, etc.
What your family deals with – She has it!
Here is the website where you can create your own meal calendar with her. ¬†The best part? ¬†It’s FREE!
Happy meal times with your families.
p.s. cute sisters? ¬†let’s share recipes! If you’re interested in my recipes, share your email and I’ll send you some of our family favorites…

Have you tried Paraffin Wax?

Have you ever tried paraffin wax?
If not, I would highly recommend it.¬† It’s SOOOO soothing and relaxing.
Sometimes at a spa it will come included in your manicure or pedicure.
If not, DEFINITELY add it!!¬† It’ll be worth it!
About 10 years ago, I got one like this for Christmas and I have LOVED it!

Paraffin wax is proven to help arthritis, joint pain, and other minor aches and pains.

A couple of years ago I dipped my grandpa’s hands and he loved it.
He mentioned that he could tell that he had a greater range of motion.

It’s also surprisingly easy to do!
#1.  Melt the paraffin wax! 
(This usually takes about 12 hours and you can buy refill paraffin wax at Sally Beauty Supply)
#2.  Dip your hands in, one at a time, about 3 times. (You want to get a really good covering of wax)
#3.  Relax and enjoy the heat therapy for a minimum of about 15 minutes.
#4.  Remove the wax starting up by the wrists and pulling towards the fingertips.
#5. (optional) Don’t forget to end with a massage!!

It’s also fun to do with friends!¬† ūüôā

This would be a fun Christmas gift too!


Power of Moms Retreat Report

 Last Friday I was lucky to be able to attend a mini retreat with Power of Moms.   There were about 20 couples that attended the event.  The total of kids between us all came to 76!!

Tiffany and Saren were our speakers/coaches.  They lead great discussions and would then give us topics to discuss in break out sessions.  We were divided into groups according to the age of our children.   Everyone had great ideas and suggestions.
I was so glad that I was able to attend this event with my husband.  There was so much good information and ideas, I would have never been able to portray what I had learned to him without missing something.  
We discussed building family culture, and a family economy, but what hit me the most was the discussion about a positive environment.  This is what I need to work on most.  Saren shared my favorite quote of the night:
I have a lot of homework to do. ¬†A few things for everyone to remember…. every family/child is different. ¬†Some things that work great for your friend, might not work for you. ¬†Don’t forget to change it up occasionally. ¬†If your kids are not motivated any more or are tired of your system, don’t be afraid to change it. ¬†

If you ever have a chance to attend at retreat with Power of Moms you should jump on it.  I came away with a desire to make positive changes in my home.  Power of Moms has such a great message that everyone needs to here.  Thank you Tiffany and Saren for putting on such a great event.  I hope to attend another Power of Moms event in the future.

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