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Project Life Scrapbooking To Do List

It’s catch up time.  I’m behind on my kids scrapbooks.  I’m kicking it in gear and getting it done.  My system of choice this year is Project Life by Becky Higgins.  Project Life Scrapbooking is quick and simple.  (Perfect for me!)  The best part is you can change up Project Life accessories to fit your exact need and style.  There tons of different kits and designs to choose from online.

Here is how I plan to tackle all my pictures for 2013.  First, I started with my 2013 Year in Review Scrapbook page.  Remember my mom’s favorite gift?  That’s where this page goes, but I also print these for me too.  Then I am going to skip around the year doing birthday, vacation, and holiday pages.  After that, I will fill in other important events and everyday moments that we want to remember.  Here’s my check list:
1- Year in review scrapbook pages
2-  Birthday scrapbook pages
3-  Vacation or travel scrapbook pages
4-  Holiday scrapbook pages
5-  Other important events scrapbook pages
6-  Everyday moments scrapbook pages
So, I’m off to a good start.  #1 is already done.
I recently went to visit my mom and dad who are serving a mission for our church right now.   I was so excited to take them some scrapbooking goodies!  My mom will mix and match all 3 of the editions to make the perfect mission scrapbook.
When she left 9 months ago, I sent her with some scrapbooking supplies, but her binder is full already!  I was so impressed.   Here is my favorite page in her book.  She still needs to add the dates they served down the middle, but I just love the idea.  These are the missionary tags for my dad and then all of the missionaries that have been assistants to the President.  She will keep adding pictures to this collection as they keep getting new assistants.
Seeing my mom’s book was very motivating to me!  If she can make time to scrapbook (with her busy schedule!), then so can I!
I will be sure to keep you posted on my progress.  As you watch me, I hope that you will get lots of scrapbook ideas, scrapbook layout ideas, tips on how to scrapbook, and I plan to make you some digital scrapbooking freebies.  So keep watching for that!  Good luck, let’s do this together!

Photography Tips By Cali: Shutter Speed Part 3

It’s time for more photography tips by Cali from Cali Stoddard Photography.  This time we are talking about shutter speed.


Make sure you’ve read part 1 about EXPOSURE and part 2 about APERTURE!



SHUTTER SPEED:  The length of time the camera’s shutter is open. (Measured usually in fractions of seconds)

The shutter is what “clicks” when you take the photo, and the length of the shutter is what determines how much light enters your camera.

The LONGER the shutter stays open: the MORE LIGHT enters the camera

The SHORTER the shutter is open: the LESS LIGHT enters into the camera

Just like the purpose of Aperture is to determine how much of the photo is in focus, The purpose of shutter speed is to capture motion.

Slow shutter speeds capture motion:



Fast shutter speeds freeze motion:


Make sure and practice with various shutter speeds! When I am taking pictures of my kids, I never go slower than 1/80– because if you do, the picture is sure to be blurry. Keep your shutter speeds as fast as possible to freeze kid motion. If there’s not enough light when you are already at 1/80, lower the aperture as much as possible.. and if there’s still not enough light… hike up that ISO! (which we’ll talk about next time!)

Photography Tips:  Lesson 1 – Exposure

Photography Tips:  Lesson 2 – Aperture

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