Generally speaking, I ususally think that movies that are based on books never turn out as good as the book.
I’m not sure why… Maybe it’s because they only have two hours to tell the whole story. I don’t know.
The movie is good, but the book is so much better…
Well, I have found an exception.
I just finished reading Jane Austen’s book Emma.
I enjoyed it.  It is a wonderful classic novel, and I am glad that I took the time to read it…
But this movie is better.
The makers of the movie did a wonderful job of pulling out of the book all of the important details, and adding a little excitement to the dull parts.  There was a whole section in the middle of the book that the movie completely left out.  It was a brillant stroke.  It was a little boring, and the movie is better without it.
Oh, and for those of you that really know and love this movie:
One of the main reasons why I wanted to read the book is because I wondered what Mr. Knightly’s first name was.  It never once says it in the movie, so I was on the hunt the whole time I was reading.
I am happy to report that I found it!  It’s a good thing I was looking for it too, or I would have missed it.
It’s George.

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