First Year

From the moment I had my first baby I’ve been stressing over what/how to do her first year book..
Quite frankly- I think my husband is tired of talking about ideas with me. 🙂
So- I’ve decided on how I’m doing it- and for today- I’m sticking to it. 
I’ve decided to do a page for each month with some text on that month’s milestones..
and then I’m going to just plug in all the other pictures of them (which are many)
between the months. 
(I also plan to plan to burn a disc of all the pictures so they can have the digital files too.)
I’ve been doing the month pages as we went along so that I could write things down before I forgot.
One page a month is simple enough, right? 
Here are what my month pages look like-
I absolutely love how they have turned out.
Now I just need to add the other pictures- and print! 
I got the page idea- and templates (I resized them the size I needed them to be) HERE from the fabulous ERIN COBB.

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  1. You are seriously talented at everything you do Cali! I really like the simple layout, it seems more doable than any others I’ve seen!

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