New (Old) Games

This last weekend, me and my family moved into our new house.  We love it, but the actual moving part was a lot of work!  We are still recovering.  🙂   In our packing and unpacking, we discovered some things that we had forgotten about.  Like the games that were all in the back of the closet.

Our two new (rediscovered) favorites are Blink and Wig Out.  The kids couldn’t even remember playing these games before!  We had to read the instructions again to remember the rules.  Both of these games are quick and easy games (for ages 6 and up).  Which I love!  (Wackee Six, is probably my personal favorite!)  Since our discovery of our fun games we have played them several days in a row now.  Some of our older favorites are Pit and SkipBo.

I think I need to host a game night….. as soon as I unpack all the boxes!

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