Easter Basket Ideas

My little boy is 15 months old.

It feels like this is his first time experiencing Easter, because he was so young last year.
So what should we get for his Easter Basket?
I know my husband and I are not the only parents thinking about this… so here are some ideas….
I found a lot of good ideas online.  Check them out:
The idea I decided to use was this: Themed Easter Baskets
My little boy loves anything with wheels.  In fact, his first work was “truck”.
So we decided to do a “Cars” themed Easter Basket for him.

We found this Cars tin bucket at Shopko for like three dollars.

Then we bought a few toys and a few treats….

And let’s not forget the plastic eggs.  They are a tradition.

And all together, I thought it turned out pretty cute:

I can’t wait to give it to him this weekend!  Happy Easter!
What are you going to put in your kids’ Easter Baskets?

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5 Replies to “Easter Basket Ideas”

  1. Fruit snacks and gummy bears! perfect. I still need to shop too… thanks for the ideas! (you always have been on top of things. )

  2. Very fun! My kids are getting shoes in their baskets. Cute slip on shoes. Hope they don’t think that is too boring! There will be a toy or two also (to make up for it!)

  3. The theme idea is great- and the cars bucket really is adorable! Filling my boys’ Easter baskets is actually one of my favorite thing EVER! 🙂 Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

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