Eyeshadow 101

I must preface this post by saying that this may seem a little funny. I’m blaming it all on my cute sister-in-law Emily. In our blog brainstorming last weekend when we were all together, Em gave this idea of showing how I do my eye makeup. Don’t think I came up with this one on my own. *wink*
I do love makeup, however. And over the years I’ve bought a lot of different kinds. It’s so fun to try different colors and have fun trying new things. I always tell my husband that it’s a good thing there is makeup and hair products, otherwise I think I would have never gotten married. Just kidding!
Make-up does make me feel all put together. If you don’t wear a lot or are looking for something fun to try; here is my mini-tutorial (pay no attention to the bushy eyebrows) on how I do my eyes. I’m loving Mary Kay makeup right now.
My mother-in-law sells it and we have a lot of fun with all their stuff.

This is my eye without any makeup

I have only applied the highlighter color all over the entire eye-up to the brow bone down to the inner corner of my eye. (MK Spun Silk)
Here I did a midtone and an accent color. The midtone is a medium shade used right across the middle crease of your eye. (MK Hazelnut) and then I always use a darker accent color in the very edge of my eye. I take the brush and start at the outside and work my way in. (MK Coal)

Here I have applied MK deep brown eyeliner right against the lash line and applied MK Ultimate mascara to complete the look

Check out those smokin blue eyes!

Check out this link on Mary Kay’s website. It gives some really great tips on eye application.
Here are the best color combo’s that will make your eye color POP:

Blue: Browns, neutrals and light highlighers, taupe, or slate colored greys (for the brow bone and inner part of the eye) (no blue colors for you)

Brown: Brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any color of eyeshadow. But if you want your eyes to pop then try either green, blue or pink eyeshadow. Gold fleck eyeshadow looks great on brown eyed girls as well!

Green/Hazel: Basic eyeshadow colors for green eyes would be earth tones with slight hints of gold, taupe colors, mocha browns, and lavender-purple shades also look great!
You’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to get my eyebrows waxed! 😉

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  1. I think she used dark brown em, from mary kay.

    It turned out great, nat! I’m almost inspired to put on more than one bland color! I think I will…

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