Are we there yet???

Traveling during the summer!
Are you dreading your LONG road trips this summer?
Well, worry no more!  I’ve got you covered.  Even if you don’t have a DVD player! 🙂
*My top 4 things to pack*
#1.  It’s always a good idea to have a travel bag, just for them, filled with a plethora of silly things that will keep them occupied.  (However, don’t let them see it! They’ll want everything all at once.)  Go to the dollar store and get lots of cheap toys and then wrap them up.  Then when you get down the road a bit and need something to keep them entertained, let them reach in and pick something. 
(Or I numbered mine, so that they all got the same thing at the same time! NO FIGHTING=Happy Momma!)
My kids LOVED the slinkies!!
#2.  Another good thing to pack is a map of where you are going.  Then I colored a green dot on where we started and a red dot where we were going to stop.  I also colored a few more dots along our path so that when they asked me where we were or “how much further?”
I could say, “we just passed the purple dot.”
This is a great way to teach them about map-reading and directions!

#3. WIPES!!  These are great for cleaning up spills or sticky fingers.  Even on older kids!

#4. And probably most important….SNACKS!  Make your own trail mix with things your kids like, put cereal in individual baggies, apples slices (dried or dipped in Sprite to keep them from turning brown), string cheese, cut up veggies, fruit roll ups or fruit snacks, and bottles of water are some ideas. 

*My top 4 things to do to pass the time*
#1. Change seating a bit periodically.  
If Mom or Dad can sit in the back, even for just a little while, the kids will LOVE it! 
#2.  Give the kids cheap, fun things to play with that won’t make a mess! 
(ie. Aluminum foil (see who can make the coolest shape), stickers, a box of band aids,
paper (for origami), or pipe cleaners!)
#3.  Bring along a few CD’s with kids songs that know they’ll enjoy.
Singing is always a fun way to pass the time during a long trip.   
Teach your kids some oldies like On Top Of Spaghetti, You Are My Sunshine, or The Ants Go Marching One By One.
#4.  Games!  We LOVE to play the dot game, word searches, or road trip bingo!
You can go HERE to print games or HERE to print bingo cards!
We also bring along electronic travel games like this Sudoku game. No pieces to lose! 🙂 Ha ha!
Audio books— or read books
Mystery writing -on backs or hands
Bubble gum blowing contests (keeps ears popped too!)
Sewing cards-older kids could have a lace race
Black paper and chalk
License plate game (for younger kids you can already have the states listed and they just have to check them off.)
Find the ABC’s on the billboards and signs
File Folder Games – print free ones HERE.
Scavenger hunt: a yellow house, billboard with a baby on it, or 20 cows.
Road trip math (figure out gas mileage, miles between destinations, and cost of gas)
Have a spelling bee
Ask everyone what their favorites are (movie, book, food, treats, etc.)
I spy or 20 questions
(This game helps teach kids to look at the bright side of things in a silly way.  For example, you say, “unfortunately, there’s a tiger in the car.”  Your son says, “fortunately, he doesn’t eat boys.”
This or thatwould you rather have an ice cream cone or a popsicle?

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  1. I am so glad you found my blog! This is such a wonderful post for parents to have. I love the ribbon rings too! Thanks for linking up to Share the Wealth Link Party at Laugh, Love, and Craft! I’m your newest follower!

  2. A very cool summer trip! My husband and I decided to take the kids to the sun and water this summer, so we chose Malaga. There we rented a multi-seater car for our whole family check details. I’m already looking forward to this trip

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